15 Ancient House Designs That You Can Build Really Cheap or Free

15 Ancient House Designs That You Can Build Really Cheap or Free

Guys, how much do you think it costs for building an off grid house? You can make guesses from zero dollars on up as high as you want to imagine, but the fact is, it doesn't have to be very expensive. Just resort to using inexpensive materials. Guys, you all have different thoughts about the costs of building an off-grid home. Breaking news everyone! You can build your own beautiful off grid house just like these 15 ancient house designs for not more than a thousand dollars! You can also have it for FREE! *winks* Right now, lets get to know two of these 15 ancient house designs. Come on! Lets hit it old school! *winks*

Have you seen a house made of earth? If not, you have to check out the Turf House in Snautasel in Iceland. An earth home is an architectural style characterized by the use of natural terrain to help form the walls of a house. According to Wikipedia, this design is set partially into the ground and covered with thin growth. The best feature about earthen homes is that you can grow plants on its roof. They call it roof planting. Awesome, isn't it? Its like a dish: earthen home topped with plants. *winks* Another ancient house design for off grid living is the Tipi or Teepee. A Tipi is a cone-shaped tent. It is traditionally made of animal skin and wooden poles. The nomadic tribes or band governments of the Great Plains and Canadian Prairies in North America use this house, as stated in Wikipedia. This kind of home is durable. It can provide you warmth during the winter season and coolness under the summer sun. The best thing about Tipis is that they can be disassembled and reconstructed easily whenever you decide to move to another place.

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