15 Rustic-Plush Log Cabins, 1,000 Acres of Pristine Wilderness, over 20 Activities and Much More!

15 Rustic-Plush Log Cabins, 1,000 Acres of Pristine Wilderness, over 20 Activities and Much More!

Booking a vacation for a larger group of people can be trying and somewhat difficult, especially if it is a more rustic trip like camping. That's why these Cascades Log Cabins would be a wonderful option for those larger vacation groups. Whether its a family trip or a kid's camp, maybe even a group tour traveling through the United States, there are many options to consider when booking accommodations for larger groups. Though camping in tents is a very affordable option, not everyone likes to camp in tents and sleep on the ground. Plus, tenting is not the best option when it's cold outside for obvious reasons. Log Cabins on the other hand, can be moderately affordable, when shared, and provide a nice, warm and cozy place for people to enjoy their stay.

The Cascades log cabins look very comfortable, and would be a great place for anyone to stay on their vacation. These would even be great for people to rent out for a big group party or a more rustic style wedding. Everyone could stay in a comfortable bed, but the cost wouldn't break the bank. There are fifteen of these great cabins in Camp Timber Rock, that can house 11 people each. There are several bunks per cabin and a queen size bed in most of them, with a table and chairs to sit at and a bathroom in each, with a toilet and a sink, making nightly trips to the bathroom a little less freaky then walking in the dark with a flashlight. The fifteen cabins are located on a loop with a central meeting building located in the centre and an amphitheatre off to the right.

There are tons of activities to do while staying at the Cascades cabins too! They are right on Elbow Lake, and have a waterfront area to enjoy sunbathing, and swimming in shallow to deep water. They even have an amazing huge man made waterside that is 300 feet, which would be an adventure to try out. Horses to ride on hay rides or to take on guided trial rides. If you are feeling super adventurous, you could try out the 50 foot climbing tower, where you can climb like you would in a climbing gym. There are also zip lines going through the forest, for a real adrenaline rush! As well as paint ball areas to battle it out with some friends. Even ATVs to ride around on. So as you can see, there are no shortage of activities to keep having a great time.

A dining hall is also provided where they serve family style home cooked meals for the guests to enjoy, as well as a coffee shop and a gift shop for any extra necessities. On the site there are several different accommodation choices, including the log cabins. There are larger cabins with rooms in them to stay in, as well as train box cars which might be fun, and also, camp grounds to bring a tent or an RV if you want to stay in your own accommodation. Plus, the scenery alone is magnificent and really promotes relaxation and enjoyment. The Cascades are only an hour and a half drive from both Portland and Seattle, located at Yelm, Washington. They are open year round as well, so there is ample opportunity to get in and have a retreat, or a workshop or a party at one of their meet up accommodations. It really seems like a wonderful place to stay and enjoy something new. So if you have been looking for the perfect place to look, then look no further, and share it with your friends because you never know who might be looking!

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