Amazing Wooden Pallet Home Build In One Day

Amazing Wooden Pallet Home Build In One Day

Amazing is right! Imagine building a wooden pallet home in a day. It'll take the help of people, but it can be done. Most of you likely know what pallets are, but not everyone. It depends on where you live and your lifestyle to even know what a pallet is. Pallet homes are being recognized as a good option for erecting quick, inexpensive emergency shelters.

Have you seen a pallet and you have any idea how it looks? A pallet according to Wikipedia, is a transport structure that supports goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by a forklift, pallet jack, front loader, work saver or another jacking device. While most pallets are wooden, it can also be made of metal, paper, plastic, and recycled materials. Every material has its advantage and disadvantages in relation to others.

For the sake of our pallet home, this DIY is wooden.

What are the advantages of using wooden pallets? Wooden pallets are inexpensive, often pallets are free for the taking. After all, they are just the platform that products are shipped on. Most companies will find uses themselves for these handy platforms, but sometimes they just become junk material they need to get rid of. Wooden pallets are very strong and rigid in relation to their cost.

How about the disadvantages? There are only a few drawbacks of wooden pallets. Firstly, because they are a low-grade wood, they can contain splinters. Second, it can hold insidious species of insects as well as plant diseases, so an abrupt treatment should be executed to shipped it internationally. Third, wooden pallets can be hard to keep clean; a thorough cleaning would probably needed and if treated with a stain, this will help.

Now that you already know the advantages and disadvantages of wooden pallets, you might take a leap and discover something new regarding this amazing wooden pallet home build in one day. It was awesomely designed by creative people of I-Beam Architecture and Design and uses commonly available materials that can be built by anyone with or without experience.

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