Chocolate Kiss Powder Puff Cookie

Chocolate Kiss Powder Puff Cookie

Chocolate Kiss Powder Puff Cookies are a great treat with an even better hidden surprise!

Who doesn't love those silver-tin-foiled perfect droplets of heaven we like to call Hersey's Kisses? Kisses are one of those sweet treats that flood the market during Valentine's Day and then Easter, oh and let's not forget Christmas time as well, but I like to pick up a bag from time to time and get creative in my kitchen. Depending on what's on the menu for baking, I like to bake off a dozen cookies and just simply place a kiss in the centre during the last few minutes in the oven, or sometimes I will coarsely chop up a handful (or two) of kisses up and sprinkle them on top of my favourite double chocolate brownie recipe. It just adds a little something extra to the dessert and makes it special. Mmm... Perfection! But for today, I want to share with you my latest discovery, incorporating Herseys kisses into, yes into, a fluffy or maybe I should call it puffy power cookie. Oh so good!!

Anything created with an element of surprise is always fun. And something baked into something, is always a crowd pleaser as it highlights that 'wow' factor despite it being difficult to make or not. Thats what I love about this particular recipe. I have to be honest, for the last few weekends, I have been miss-busy-little-tea-party socialite. I think its the weather. I mean who doesn't want to gather a bunch of your closest friends, set up the table outside in the garden, and chat and gossip over fragrant blended teas and delicious little baked yummies? Really?

So...I love baking when I have time. And don't we all from time to time? And when I am really into it, I quite like creating little cookies and tarts - something a little bit more delicate and in my mind, challenging than one big loaf or square of some sort. Last weekend someone made these wonderful light and airy Russian cookies with powdered sugar - perfect with a nice hot cup of Earl Grey - and so I thought why not make something similar but just that much more 'creative'. I was thinking about Asian sweets - probably because I had just finished having an amazing dim sum lunch - and it came it me - something baked into something. How perfect. Chocolate kisses baked into a powder puff cookie will surely please your next tea-gathering. I guarantee it! These cookies are made with sheet pie crust, which you can by all means make from scratch yourself, but the author of the recipe says she doesn't and she just gets her's from the grocery store. You basically make little pockets for the kisses to go into and then bake them and then let them cool and dust with the icing sugar. Go on and get baking - and you can even try different varieties of kisses if you're daring. Enjoy.

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