See How an Elegant Wrap-Around Deck Can Significantly Add to the Appearance of a Log Home

See How an Elegant Wrap-Around Deck Can Significantly Add to the Appearance of a Log Home

This Aspen V log home from True North Log Homes is a must see! When it comes to beautiful log homes and cabins True North Log Homes is an expert. A Canadian company, True North Log Homes is located right in the heart of the Muskoka forest in Bracebridge, Ontario, a truly beautiful and natural part of the country. They have superior craftsmanship and amazing quality assurance that makes purchasing a log home easy. With over 50 distributors worldwide, a True North Log Home can be built anywhere and create a lasting legacy and a comfortable home to enjoy for years.

Log homes are made with the most sustainable building material known to man. Wood is a very "green" building material, coming from the earth, and it is the most renewable building resource on the planet. All of the trees that go into building log homes and other log structures have been grown in sustainable tree plantations in the United States or Canada, that are all closely monitored and that adhere to a strict set of guidelines and protocol. This makes it very difficult to waste any trees in the process, and they are all put to good use, whether it is using the leftover pieces for other building projects, or wood burning fireplaces, or even for heating the kiln that dries the logs, all trees are used to their maximum potential and they are honoured for the materials they give us.

True North Log Homes has many plans including the Aspen V, which is a stunning log home model and floor plan. The Aspen V log home model features three bedrooms as well as three bathrooms, in a 3,022 square foot floor plan. The home has two levels which makes it very suitable for a larger family to live in full time. A built on garage is a highlight of the plan as many log home models require the customer to request the garage be added on for an additional fee. The beautiful patio and deck that wraps around a good portion of the log home is also a wonderful feature, providing plenty of outdoor space to enjoy within the home's limits. The logs used in the log home look to be D-shaped logs since they have the typical rounded log on the exterior and flat log face on the interior providing a smooth wall panel. When D-logs are used in a log home build, this means that the logs are cut in half, which gives them the D shape.

Only the very best softwood logs are used in the building of log homes from True North Log Homes. They use the best and strongest part of the log as well, which is called the heartwood. The sapwood is too soft to use, and can create more shrinking than necessary once the log home is built and begins to settle. It is natural for log home to shrink in this period of about one to five years after the build. Over time, the weight of the logs themselves and gravity plays a role in the logs compacting, which is to be expected in all log building. The manufacturers plan for this in their designs and engineer their builds so that there is minimal to no cracking in the logs. Log homes have been being built for centuries in North America. The first nations people used the logs to build their communal long houses and gathering spaces, and then immigrants from Europe taught each other how to build log homes for permanent dwellings as well as temporary dwellings for hunters. We are still seeing no shortage of log home being built in this day and age, and it will probably continue past our lifetimes.

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